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Western Seven Shank Three Piece Copper Link Bit

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This western seven shank three-piece copper link bit is a piece of horse tack designed to provide the rider with greater control over their horse's movements. This type of bit is ideal for more experienced riders as it offers a high level of precision and responsiveness. The seven-shank design allows the rider to adjust the pressure on the horse's mouth with great accuracy and has quite a bit of weight behind the mouthpiece. 

The three-piece copper link applies more pressure to the outside of the bars, encouraging more flex and bend than a traditional two-piece snaffle. It provides a comfortable fit for the horse and the copper roller is also beneficial as it encourages salivation, which helps to keep the horse's mouth supple and responsive. This bit is a popular choice among western riders who are looking for a reliable and effective means of controlling their horse's movements.

  • Seven shank provides extra leverage
  • Quite a bit of weight behind the mouthpiece, allowing a quick release from the rider's hands
  • Three-piece mouthpiece 
  • Copper roller dogbone promotes salivation
  • Mouth: 5 in / stainless-steel with copper link
  • Cheeks: 6 1/2 in / stainless-steel


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